“When you are rollin’ with Marcy, the cornucopia of culinary, you need to put your seat belt on and bring your A game. I have no idea where she comes up with this stuff, but I am glad she does, because I’m always getting the lowdown on something new.”
-Guy Fieri, host of Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Guy’s Big Bite

“We all love to snack and now with Marcy's aisle by aisle guidance I can enter the market ready to shop in a knowledgeable and yes, a fulFILLING way. The recipes within this book are
exciting, easy to follow, educational and fun. Trust me, like a good snack,
you can't read just one page; you want and can have more!”
—Bonnie Hunt, Actress/Writer/Director


“I am taking full credit for suggesting that SNACKS becoming a book.
I was hooked from day one.”
-John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer, Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios

“Marcy is crisp, smart, knowledgeable (in addition to the smart), beautiful (never hurts) and so passionate about food and wine, I just want to hang with her, eating, drinking, and talking. I always learn something when with her, and what I learn is either utterly useful or round-the-bend entertaining- or both. If the words “fun” and “inspiring” weren’t so overused, those would be the headlines of my own personal Marcy Smothers banner.”
-Mollie Katzen, author of Get Cooking, Moosewood Cookbook, Enchanted Broccoli Forest, The Vegetable Dishes I Can’t Live Without, Sunlight Cafe


“She’s always introducing me to something new. Even when I think I know everything, everything, she comes up with the fact that eggs crack better on flat surfaces than on the edge of a bowl. I always think of Marcy whenever I crack my eggs on a flat surface and admire the no-shell result! There’s always something that grabs my attention and
with Marcy’s take on it, I say WOW!”
-Marlena Spieler, columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and author of over 50 cookbooks